Host-A Hosting

Support – The File Manager

The file manager employed on Host-A was custom developed to smoothly integrate with the rest of the site. Its various incarnations can be found around the site.

The file manager's purpose is to manage files. It shows the name of the file in the "File Name" column, the link to the file in the "Link" column, its size in the "Size (MB)" column and how many times it has been downloaded in the "DL" column. To select the file, click the check box. To select all the files, click the check box at the top. Clicking "Delete" at the bottom will remove the files, freeing up space. Clicking "Set/Unset as Private" marks the file as private if it is public, otherwise it makes the file public again. Clicking the "Info" button makes the File Info pop up appear.

The file manager functions differently depending on context. The way it was described above applies only when it appears on the File Manager page. An abridged version is shown on the main login page showing the latest files uploaded, another appears on users' profile pages, and yet another on the Top Lists page.