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News – More Mirrors, Moderation

The moderation system is now complete! Read the help topic to get yourself acquainted with the workings of it, and to learn the new way of reporting TOS incompliant files. Even more importantly is that two full-archive, dedicated servers are now online! This is to act as additional download points, if the current ones fail. To celebrate these two big events, everyone's bandwidth gets upped another 100 MB this weekend! Hopefully these new services will render Host-A a little more helpful to all :) There is a work-in-progress webpage that shows the current status of the external mirror servers used by Host-A. The servers update every 24 hours, so freshly uploaded files will not have download links to additional mirrors. The two mirror operators are mdranta and xsnidalx, whom in addition double as file moderators. This does mean that there will be more enforcement of the Terms of Service than there was before, but that is a good thing for the integrity and thus the life of Host-A. We're keepin' it reliable for all. Sep 15, 2007