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News – Time for an Update

New features are in the works! Resumable downloads, better large file support, fair bandwidth tracking, Metalink downloads, and more mirrors, to name some. New features in this update Everyone's bandwidth has been upped another 100 MB, peaking at 1200 MB. On the settings page, you can set the number of latest files shown when you log in to your account. You can set the maximum size of file that can invoke the 'Preview' box on the download page - even disable it by setting it to zero. (The max. you can set it to is 0.4 MB). This is useful if you want to conserve bandwidth, since any file displayed in the preview box eats up bandwidth from your account. MP3/MID/WMA files can now be displayed in the preview box. Bugs/issues fixed in this update: The password protection bug has finally been fixed - the one where it still counts the download and subtracts the bandwidth from your account even if it is incorrect. The upgrade page is no longer as confusing. The download page is less cluttered and contains less ads. Most of the support pages have been rewritten. When [?] are clicked, it results in a popup, instead of going to a different page. The old way would cause data you were entering in the page to dissapear. Apr 4, 2008