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News – 2008 Should be Great

So, it's the last day of 2007 around here, and we have some kudos to give: Coderzilla, who has provided us with a fast download mirror for popular files. Their site should be launching tomorrow, so check it sometime. If you would like to run a sponsored mirror for Host-A, talk to us! It's really simple to do, and we can work with any amount of space thrown at us. More thanks goes out to our mirror ops, who do an excellent job of moderating and keeping their servers chugging away. Keep in mind, these are home servers - so the job is much harder than simply going out and buying a shared hosting package. A few small features since the last update include 1000 MB of bandwidth, which now comes standard with all accounts, mostly because of the extra serving capacity provided by Coderzilla. Also, we have a hash search page, a rewritten article on what hashes/checksums are, and a freshly renovated download page. And finally, thanks goes out to our users for supporting us in our effort to bring reliable file hosting to the internet. I think this occasion warrants some overly large and noobish text, all in the name of festivities: Good luck in 2008! Dec 31, 2007